Filler Without Looking ‘Filled’

Now that’s a revelation …

Can you fill me in?

Not now, Craig David.  So, I’ve always had dark circles under my eyes since forever and I’ve hated them.  They have honestly been the bane of my life, knocking my confidence at every turn and making me feel like I looked ill, unhealthy and old.  Truth is, to everyone else they probably weren’t that noticeable – but to me they just took up way too much of my face for me to feel comfortable with them.

To remedy this, I would wear heavy concealers and loads of foundation.  I would also use the latest creams available on the market and I relentlessly trialed every home remedy out there from slapping on coffee, baking soda, turmeric, tea bags and even grated potatoes under my eyes eagerly hoping to see an improvement.  I cut out sugar, caffeine and drank more water, exercised and got more sleep but over the years I found nothing actually worked.  I then had a baby and OMG they were done for.  The make up just got heavier and I started feeling defeated.

Deep down, I longed for the confidence to not wear any makeup at all and I just wanted an even skin tone and a nice complexion.  I felt healthy so why didn’t I ‘look’ healthy?  I began to accept this was just ‘me’ and it’s hereditary blah blah blah but I couldn’t be at peace with them.  Then one day, I stumbled across something I knew absolutely nothing about … Fillers.

Fillers scared me.  I had images of the girls in TOWIE floating through my mind and I had recently noticed how ‘filled’ celebrities were looking lately.  So I researched, and researched … and researched.  Until I came across someone more than reputable in the facial aesthetics industry, someone with years of experience and passion for the cause and someone with a good moral compass.  I found Dr Aarti Narayan-Denning from Reverse Time Aesthetics.

I booked in to see her straightaway as I just knew she would know what to do about my ghastly dark circles.  And I was right.  We met at her Winchester clinic and I felt at ease which was reassuring.  She was very patient with me whilst I rattled on about why I wanted to look healthier.  After analysing my skin and discussing my diet and lifestyle she prescribed a serum to me. At first, I was surprised as I had got myself all geared up to being ‘filled’.  But she told me to go home, try the serum day and night for two weeks and to see the difference it makes.  Then to come back to her if I still wanted treatment. I thought to myself –  I can trust her.  So off I went with my Dr Obagi Vitamin C Serum 15% excited to finally be nourishing my skin with a collagen boosting antidote.


The serum worked wonders.  If you’ve been following my instagram page lately (@alohaitsangela) you would have seen a couple of video blogs I did on the Dr Obagi Vitamin C 15% serum.  My skin looked younger, more vibrant and fresh.  However, my dark circles were still staring me in the face although the condition of them had significantly improved.  So back I went to Dr Aarti Narayan-Denning. She instantly saw how confident I was bare faced and how my skin was glowing… we both said WOW!

We got back down to the nitty gritty… Fillers.  She explained the Tear Trough treatment to me.  Her advice was thorough and detailed and I felt absolutely ready for it.  Tear Trough treatment involves injecting dermal filler via micro-cannula method into the under eye area.  The filler she used was Belotero Balance which is a hyaluronic acid that completely integrates into the skins tissue.  She explained she would be injecting a maximum of 1ml across both tear toughs and that I should come back in four weeks to repeat the treatment.  This gives the sensitive under eye area time to heal and it also structurally prepares your skin for the next treatment.


My skin was cleansed with an antibacterial lotion and Dr Aarti Narayan-Denning applied a numbing cream to my under eye area which took around 30 minutes to work.  I lay down on the treatment bed excited to finally be improving something so emotionally personal to me.  I literally couldn’t stop smiling! She carefully inserted the micro-cannula and it didn’t hurt at all.  I could feel sensations under my eye but nothing uncomfortable or intrusive.  It did help that the clinic TV was on and Steve Jones was on screen… drool.  Meanwhile Dr Aarti Narayan-Denning talked me through exactly what she was doing and I just couldn’t wait to see the results.

After the first session I felt slight tenderness for a couple of days and I was lucky to have not endured any bruising.  I noticed a gentle lift under my eyes, but not so much difference in the colour.  However when I applied makeup I found I didn’t need to use as much! So in terms of my expectations, I was half way there.

Four weeks later I returned to Dr Aarti Narayan-Denning to have the second and final Tear Trough treatment.  This session was a little longer as she wanted to work more on the grooves that quite often give that ‘hollow’ appearance, so this technique as well as working around multiple arteries and vessels took some skilled work.  Again, I felt little discomfort and I actually enjoyed feeling my under eyes being played with!

The results, well – they speak for themselves.


If it wasn’t for Dr Aarti Narayan-Denning I wouldn’t be posting pictures of myself on social media without make-up on.  I’ve hidden behind heavy concealers for many many years and it is unbelievably liberating to finally have the confidence to ‘embrace my face’. I now go out for dinner, go to the local shops and go for a vino at the pub bare faced and it feels great! And when I do want to whack a bit of glam on, I hardly have to use any makeup – that’s a long term money saver in itself!

If you’d like to know more contact Dr Aarti Narayan-Denning on 0333 444 0567 or visit