Big School

Today my darling I went to see,
Your Big School where you so long to be.
I dropped you off at Preschool until three,
And whispered to you ‘See you soon, I love you Baby”.

Up the big hill I walked past the huge trees,
And I wondered whether you too would notice the orange leaves,
As it will be Autumn again when you embark on this journey,
To Big School where all your friends shall be.

I opened up the wide heavy gates,
I instantly imagined us running late!
Children laughing and playing with their mates,
I knew you would so love this place.

Greeted by smiling teachers galore,
I walked into the large open hall.
I assumed this would be where you would eat your school dinners,
“No more high chairs” I gleefully told the bell ringer.

Appearing out of nowhere was Polly and Tom,
“Hello, we’re here to give you a tour of our home,
We are in Year 2 and will leave next July,
Let’s show you around perhaps start at the library as it’s nearby”.

My heart melted as I saw the planets and stars,
“My son has these on his ceiling at ours”,
I told Polly and Tom as we entered the magical room of books,
“That’s so cool” they both said as we gazed up to have a look.

Into Year F we optimistically explored,
Now this room immediately struck a chord!
“Hello Logans Mum!” said Freddie, Oscar and Myla,
Even Teacher Taryn too – Oh Logan, you’ll want to stay here forever!

I watched as all of the children happily played,
From dressing up to cooking I could imagine you on your own crusade,
Being the captain of the room bossing everyone around,
Only joking Baby you know I’m only messing about!

Onto the next rooms I noticed the children getting bigger and bigger,
“It’s so hard to imagine you ever being here”,
I said to myself as we worked up the years,
My gosh, my Boy you’re bringing me to tears!

Your school toilets were on my left and your cloakroom on my right,
And the art and music rooms ticked my creative boxes with delight!
And there in the hallway I noticed a little blue chair,
Tom informed me that “When children are poorly they can go and rest there”.

The environment was buzzing with laughter and joy,
The walls were covered with friendly drawings from girls and boys,
I was cheerfully filled in with how to get rewards,
Polly told me “If you’re good we can have a pyjama party indoors!”

Back down the hallway I noticed another room on the tour,
“Ooh what’s in there?” I asked feeling nosey and unsure,
“When you’re naughty you have to go in there,
That’s where the headmaster lives” said Polly with a stare.

When I was younger I saw that room far too often,
And I wondered if you would be destined with that same misfortune,
As much as I would love for you to be as good as gold,
Logan Baby, no matter what your behaviour is your future is yet to be told.

And just like that I was on my way home,
Filled with emotions to share alone.
But here I am telling you about this special day Baby,
When I went to see your Big School where you so long to be.