Beauty & The Bespoke

Facial: a beauty treatment that cleans and improves the skin of the face

Bespoke Facial: a beauty treatment using medical-grade and tailor-made skincare products to give the skin of the face a non-surgical liquid facelift

I know which one I would choose, do you?

I feel as though it has been the norm for years to categorise our skin into groups such as dry, oily or combination. My skin quite frankly can be all of those things at different times of the month let alone different times of the day! Like many of us, finding the right blend of treatments to target all of these different and sometimes problematic areas of our face can be somewhat challenging. The problem I encountered far too often was that high street skincare products and supposedly ‘luxury’ facials in beauty salons weren’t quite meeting my expectations aesthetically – yet I wasn’t quite ready for a full on surgical face life either! I came to the conclusion it was all about finding that sweet spot between the two – which fortunately I found at Reverse Time Aesthetics.

Dr Aarti Narayan-Denning is a fully registered GP and medical cosmetics and aesthetics Doctor. She carries out all of the advanced medical cosmetic and injectable treatments at her clinics in Winchester and Andover. Joanna McGinnes is a highly qualified and accomplished Aesthetician, a graduate of the prestigious Champneys beauty college and she specialises in aesthetic treatments which have proven benefits. The beauty of what you get in a consultation with both Aarti and Joanna is a Doctor / Therapist duo, working together to create a medical fusion of treatments delivered to you but in a beauty therapist manner.

My main skin concerns were acne and pigmentation. When I was younger I suffered from awful teenage acne on my forehead. It then came back in my mid-twenties on my cheeks (which was quite distressing!) so this is something that now – in my mid-thirties – I really try my absolute best to avoid happening again. Hence why I communicate this concern whenever I embark on having a new treatment that involves applying any kind of cream, masque, lotion or potion onto my face. Knowing this, Aarti and Joanna put a lot of thought into the medical mixture of treatments that they felt would be most beneficial to my skin. The chosen recipe for my skin concerns comprised of a selection of actives (actives are the active ingredients in skincare), peeling agents and masques, applied along with a stimulating massage to improve blood flow and lymph drainage to the face – It really is a bespoke facial like no other!

Joanna started by talking me through the products she planned to use on me and why both her and Aarti felt these particular treatments would be most beneficial for my skin. She started with a cleanse and I felt relaxed and comfortable instantly. Joanna then moved onto a chemical peel which I had never experienced before as part of a facial – it was fantastic! She talked me through how it would feel and what to expect. Next we moved onto something completely new for me – the advanced peel off mask. The mask is gently poured over your entire face except your nostrils – all you have to do is keep your eyes and mouth closed! It’s a face mask that I can only describe as – aesthetically prescriptive. It contains activated charcoal and a phyto-complex to protect and strengthen your skins natural barrier. I lay in the comfort of Joannas beauty room letting my skin indulge in a prescription medical-grade facial that was so bespoke I would not have found it anywhere else. Next was the face and shoulder massage… and all I can say is – WOW! If you like massages then Joanna’s technique is incredibly soothing.

I’ve had many facials before in my time (from standard high street salons to high end luxury spas) and I have to say that the bespoke medical grade facial available at Reverse Time Aesthetics is by far the most beautifying, relaxing and aesthetically enhancing facial I have ever had. Before receiving such a wonderfully therapeutic facial from both Aarti and Joanna’s realm of expertise, I had given up on treating my skin and myself to facial treatments as I couldn’t see the benefits versus the investment. But now, this unique facial is one that I will have regularly as my skin has never looked or felt better.

To find out more and to treat yourself to a facial like no other contact Aarti and Joanna on 0333-444-0567 or contact them here. It’s time to embrace the new-age facial treatments available to us prescribed only by a Doctor but delivered to you in the comfort of an experienced Beauty Therapist in her treatment room. You won’t regret it!